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Free Gift # 1...What is your DOG telling you? Canine behavior tips from top animal experts. Free Gift #2...What is your CAT telling you? Feline behavior tips from top animal experts.
Wolf down everything he can get?
This clever canned-food trick will force him to eat
more slowly. See page 7

Hide during thunderstorms?
This blanket trick will calm him right down! See page 6

Turn in circles before he lies down?
Even if he has the softest bed in the house, he’s genetically programmed to circle it before settling down. See page 7

Hide when company stops by?
She probably needs more socialization. If she gets aggressive, make this intervention. See page 5

Like to eat your table scraps?
Why you should never cook for your cat — no
matter how finicky an eater. See page 10

Suddenly avoid the litter box?
These challenging toys entertain your cat while
you’re away from home and ease separation
distress. See page 9
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