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The super-absorbent polymer flakes in the diapers will suck the stain right up. Page 225
Keep Kitty’s mitts off your furniture with a fine mist. Cats despise the smell of citrus, and the lemon scent will keep them away. Page 103 Most cats and dogs enjoy yogurt, so there’s no need to mix it into their food. Just be sure to serve the proper amounts revealed on page 93.  
Joey Green's Amazing Pet Cures is the first book that shows you how to unleash the power of brand-name products you'd never expect. You'll discover fun, easy ways to:
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Does your cat like to unroll the toilet paper in your bathroom?
Try Joey’s mischievous trick with Dixie® Cups and a little water! Page 255
Nobody knows clever pet cures like Joey Green!

The guru of quirky uses for brand-name products, Joey Green is the author of Joey Green’s Cleaning Magic, Joey Green’s Fix-it Magic, and other best sellers that uncover the “hidden powers” of popular household products.

Millions have witnessed Joey’s ingenious tips on TV. He’s the guy who got Barbara Walters to put a wet Pampers® diaper on her head, made Jay Leno shave with Jif® Peanut Butter, and showed Diane Sawyer how to polish furniture with Spam®.

Now Joey has packed 1,130 pet-care tips, tricks, and secrets into a fascinating new guide that’s easy to use and fun to read!

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  Put a stop to pet odors and bad behavior
What do you do when your cat “does his business” in your bathtub? Your comfy sofa starts smelling like musty dog hair? Your pet has a barking, biting, or scratching problem?
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Solve-It-Yourself Cat Spray Mystery!
The cat sprayed in your home — but where? To find out, make the room pitch dark, then adjust the light, just like Joey tells you on page 223. The cat spray will glow an iridescent yellow color!
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Keep Kitty from digging up your houseplants
with Maxwell House®  Coffee!

  Soothe sore paw pads — with Crisco® All-Vegetable Shortening.

  Best way to de-skunk pets! This secret solution is scientifically proven to eradicate the heinous smell of skunk spray — and it’s 100% safe and natural! Page 213

  Turn to Joey Green's Amazing
Pet Cures
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Does your dog get upset
when you leave the house?

Ease separation anxiety with Philadelphia® Cream Cheese.
See Joey’s clever trick on
page 208.
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